Scammer acting as Victim

Giampaolo Ienna’s Attempt To Hide The Truth

Once we brought Giampaolo's fraudulent actions to light, revealing how he deceived our PR agency out of $10,500 via our website, he eventually contacted us to settle the matter by paying the removal fee for the website and associated news articles. We compiled the entire email conversation in below PDF and one may download it below, detailing his email request for removal by paying only $7,500 instead of paying our full invoice of $10,500. He disappeared again after we agreed, and tried to file a DMCA request with Google as if we were extorting him.

giampaolo ienna
Email Screenshot of Giampaolo

Giampaolo, you wouldn’t have started off acting dishonestly if protecting your reputation was something you really cared about. We also want to ask Elegran [Forbes Global Properties] about their on boarding procedure for agents of dubious moral character, such as yourself.

Attempt to file Fake DMCA

Giampaolo claims in his DMCA Request to Google that we are forcing him to pay $10,500 to have an illegal website made under his name taken down. Really? Why not give a detailed explanation, such as how he used our PR services and then disappeared when the bill was due? Google accepted the request but was later turned down the request once counter reply was filled. He is trying to play victim card but Truth triumphs in the end, after all.

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Acting like Victim

Email to Entrepreneur Tab

Giampaolo wrote to Media Publication [The Entrepreneur Tab], requesting that a story about him be taken down. He claimed that he was the victim of internet criminals, which included us. He also makes the completely untrue assertion that he received harassment in his email from friends, coworkers, and himself.

He’s trying to make himself look like a victim, but the real situation is very different. It is he who conned our agency and vanished just as money was about to be received.

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